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About hio

We created Hio Decks after an amazing 6 week cross country journey. As so many of our destinations and camp sites had no cell service we were fortunate enough to not be glued to our phones and able to truly take in each moment, enjoying each others company around camp fires, picnic tables and mountain tops talking about life and asking philosophical and introspective questions.

What we realized is it’s difficult with so much time to come up with insightful questions on the spot, off the top of your head. Hio Decks provides thoughtful ideas and questions that help exfoliate the layers of a personality.

Plus, if a question gets weird or too deep, you can always blame it on us, and say, “I’m just reading what's on the card.”

Happy Hio!

Well now that you are here.

We might as well tell you about the next few things being brewed.