What does "hio" mean?

We’ve discovered that the unique little word that is, “hio,” can mean many things depending on what part of the world you find yourself in.

For us, hio means to pause, to be present with life. Hio is connectedness, curiosity, and actively seeking to know more.

To stand open and wonder.

Happy hio!

About Us

Michael and Samantha here! We are two very curious beings, exploring this life together. We strive to immerse ourselves within small communities of happy people that love the sharing of different thoughts and ideas through conversation. Hio was created in the embrace of friendship, gathered around a backyard fire pit, phones away, with hearts and minds open.


How to use your hio deck:

So you’re probably asking yourself, “how does one play a game with a deck of cards that just have questions on them?” Well, we’re here to tell you that there really isn’t a right or wrong way to play, you choose how you want to use your deck. However, we do have some suggestions after developing and playing with hio ourselves. 

  1. Hio is a wonderful addition to any social gathering with friends, family or new acquaintances. Take turns drawing a card, read the question aloud and let everyone answer. Go through the entire deck or see where the deck takes you.
  2. Going on a first date? Hio is perfect for that special date night or even better, a quiet night at home with your partner.
  3. And lastly, for personal use, we love using hio decks for journal prompts. Use the same deck over and over and see how your answers change over time. 

You’ll never get tired of learning new things about yourself and the people around you.


I don't get it?

We totally understand. Just buy a deck, bring it to your next social event and everyone will love you. After all, isn't that what you have been searching for all along?

Is this game fun?

Yes. Super Fun.

Is hio Family Friendly?

Yes, Depending on what deck you order. Each is marked with a completely arbitrary age suggestion. If you want to talk about the JFK assassination with your kids, that's a parents choice.

Is this Really made in the US?

Yes. The decks are printed just outside Minneapolis, MN and all design and ideation comes out of Sarasota, FL.

Are the decks Gluten Free?

100%! We could not get certified by NSF because they are a deck of cards. We Tried but they did not respond to our emails . Please don't try to eat them.

Are Hio Decks Pet Friendly?

If you have taught your pet to speak one of the languages offered and they can participate in conversation, then absolutely. We do not discriminate amongst species. We are all in this together. They might think it's a chew toy though. Fine for us, just means you need to get a new deck.


This provides no information. We just like the pants icon and decided to leave it in here. If you have more questions. Just reach out on our contact page.